Alice Ng & Ken Wyner as photographers by trade, and owning an absolutely beautiful parcel of land in Horizons Village felt compelled to lend their vision to the cause of protecting this incredible Shenandoah community from the callous & destructive elements of the Atlantic Coast pipeline. After years of owning this land & then building a green friendly home, all the while nurturing strong relationships with our neighbors and following very strict community guidelines & covenants that seek to protect each other from noise, pollution, flagrant and ill thought out deforestation, we found it absolutely incredible that not only would Dominion & our Democratic governor choose this pristine area to blast through directly this untouched mountain retreat, but would actually choose to displace a number of our neighbors in this green community! We love our community and our retreat from the big city and many of us have spent our resources to create this paradise. We certainly do not intend to go quietly into the night waiting for two years of anxiety, traffic jams, sloppy construction, enormous destruction of nature along with the strong possibilities of ground water contamination & the long term results of constant danger as well as enormous property devaluations, along with vibrant and well-loved local businesses being completely devastated during construction activities.

Please read these stories, look at these beautiful folks who have opened their hearts and their doors to share with you their dream of paradise and think again as to how unwise, unwarranted, and so very hurtful the present plan is. Take this pipeline out of our area, and out of all the innocents along its path! We need greater conservation, less profits and greed from the energy companies and of course logical, heart felt, respectful planning and execution of our energy needs. In the end, we know that we do have power at the voting booth and we will certainly vote out all those who shamelessly put profit before respect!


Ken Wyner & Alice Ng