A Photographic Essay by Ken WynerWebsite by Alice Ng
They paved paradise   And put up a parking lot   With a pink hotel, a boutique   
And a swinging hot spot
Don't it always seem to go   That you don't know what you've got   Till it's gone   
They paved paradise   And put up a parking lot
Words by Joni Mitchell
Dedicated to the conservation of energy, protection of the environment, support of the wellbeing & health of all people being negatively affected by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Dominion Power.
Fighting against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

Our Story

Eminent Domain Congressional Briefing September 2018

by Richard Averitt

No To The PROPOSED Atlantic Coast Pipeline

by No To The Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Atlantic Coast Pipeline protest in Pembroke

40% of residents in Pembroke, North Carolina, are members of the Lumber Tribe.
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will run through tribal lands.

Get Up!

A Protest Anthem in the Age of Trump

Walking the Line: Following the Route of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

From June 27th to July 2nd 2017, RCC staff and interns participated in a walk along the route of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia. This summer, we have been working on a comprehensive report on the pipeline - interviewing experts, researching policies, and learning about the harmful impacts on people and the environment.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Is DESTROYING Quality Of Life in WV

Truth Against The Machine.  Reportedly Kevin Gilbert
In West Virginia where several large proposed pipeline projects threaten to cause great health risks to the community. 

Burn Your Easement Challenge by Richard Avert

The Averitt family owns one of the most beautiful pieces of land in Nelson County. Dominion is offering only $13,000+ to purchase a permanent easement through their land. This 125 feet wide ROW will bisect this beautiful property and will prevent the Averitts' from building their boutique eco resort. A huge loss for this family and for our county but of course a win for Dominion and its shareholders. Eminent Domain for private gain is wrong and as Richard says, Enough is Enough. Burn Your Easement Challenge.

Good Day RVA presents LOBO MARINO: Awake 

Awake. Awake.
The empty climbed upon the hillside and filled their mouths with water, from the creeks of others until it dried away
The empire stacked their stones and iron upon the grass. The trees bent, broke from the pressure then couldn't grow at all.

We say hey
We're all standing in the same sunlight

Will we draw our lines upon the earth and trace the shadows of our shade? Seeking power and dominion. If turned around then we would see that we're all standing in the same sunlight.
Where we cannot see each other as divided.
We're all standing in the same sunlight.

Listen. Listen.
Listen the grass is moves, up through the cracks it grows
Listen the rain will fall, listen the creeks will swell
and we'll listen.

Video: Chris Damon, Evan Hoffman, Will Weaver, Tommy Terrell, Kate Rivara, PJ Sykes 
Sound: Patrick Bates
Violin: Jessika Blanks 
Cello: Zoe Olivia Kinney
Special Thanks: Amah, Swami Dayananda, Adharsh, Lakshmi, Christian Gregory
Lobo Marino:

No Pipeline Through Our Land

Anti Pipeline Songs

WE Ain't Pipin' Down
Mike Mc Conkey -  vocals, guitar
Tom Krop - songwriter, keyboard
Jim Plitt - hammered dulcimer
Ken Wyner - Photography
Alice Ng - Photography, video editor

Robin and Linda Williams of Middlebrook, VA Protest Song about proposed Dominion Pipeline.

We Make The Living World
Michael McConkey and Terry Jones

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Final HV Wetlands Assessment by Devon Floyd's
Cover Letter of Assessment by Carolyn Fischer
Two wetland areas in Horizons Village designated as official Conservation Sites